Beat the Daily Challenge and unlock exclusive new challenges in the high-stakes VIP room.

Nine initial power-ups keep the action fast and furious. Jokers, Re-Deals and Multiplier cards all help you get top score.

Time Bonus Rewards... think fast! The faster you play, the more points you net.

If you're feeling lucky, you can wager your chips for another hand in hopes of drawing the last few cards you need to turn a good game into a great one!

Winning games builds up your Luck Token stash, which can then be used to purchase power-ups or access special opportunities, such as a 7th deal.

Classic Slingo Characters - The Devil, Joker, Super Joker and Cherub - show up to to help you win. Keep an eye out for them, as they may have valuable tips, tricks and hints to up your poker skills.

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