Be a leading real-money casual and social game provider for the lottery and casino markets.


Originally backed by Frima Studio, Canada’s largest independent game developer, 3oak develops multiplatform entertainment experiences that combine the mechanics of today’s most popular social games with the thrill of real-money action.

3oak’s experienced staff, and its extensive technical resources, is ambitiously developing its own products and working with major players in the lottery and casino industries on a variety of exciting real-money titles and free-to-play casino games.

Responsible Gaming

At 3oak Gaming, our aim is to build games that are, first and foremost, a form of entertainment.

Choosing to spend time playing our games brings fun and excitement to the players, as winning and losing are part of the experience. While the majority of players understand this fundamental concept and play in small doses, we also recognize the gaming-related problems from which suffers a smaller portion of the population.

While we do not always have direct access to the players, we always apply the industry’s best practices with our partners, in a effort to prevent and limit obstacles: practices such as maximum deposit, voluntary exclusion and making sure that no underage users play our real-money games. Additionally, we implement in all our games tools that help players monitor and limit the time they play, such as displaying a clock, thus making sure they are aware of the time they spend playing.

Furthermore, one of the key pillars of our company is the social aspects of our games. This means crafting games that are meant to be enjoyed with other players and that may require other players to play with. Through these social mechanics, we are getting the players out of their potential isolation and encouraging social interaction.